PAC-12 Match-up Running Rant Blog Week 6

As a new feature on, we are featuring a running rant blog on Pac-12 football. This email chain-style format features expert college football analysts, professional statisticians and unabashed homers. Everything Pac-12 football is over-analyzed, passionately argued and irrationally debated. Participants – Chris, Seattle, WA (Washington Huskie Homer, Statistician), Phil Sweet, Portland, OR (Oregon Duck Honk, CFB Analyst)

10/8/2013 4:22 PM PST:


Phil Sweet, Portland, OR (Oregon Duck Honk, CFB Analyst): I want to start this week off in a civil manner. After watching the UW-Stanford game on Saturday night, I came away slightly more impressed with the Washington Huskies. They played Stanford tough, brought the game down to the wire, and barring two straight drops on 3rd and 4th down, could have come away victorious. They proved that they could almost hang with the Pac-12 elite, at least for one game.  This sets up a showdown in Seattle between two ranked teams vying for spot atop the Pac-12 North. Oregon vs. Washington, one of the oldest and most fiercely battled “rivalries” in all the land. Even College Gameday has taken notice, and will be on site in Seattle for the first time in history.

Having said that, here are some statistics for the past 9 years:

uw-uo margin

In the past 9 years, Oregon is 9-0 against Washington, with an average margin of victory of almost 26 points. The closest UW ever came was in 2011, as they managed to get within 17 points.

If we go back a few more years, to say, I don’t know, 1994, we can almost pinpoint the exact moment Oregon started dominating this “rivalry.” It’s called The Pick. It’s the nightmare that every Huskie fan wakes up to every night…only to realize that it’s not a dream- it’s the cold, hard, godforsaken reality that rips apart the last remaining shreds of their douchey soul. It’s the exact moment that Washington became irrelevant, not only nationally, but within the conference as well. Since The Pick, Oregon is 14-4 against Washington, and it hasn’t been close.


10/8/13 5:20 PM PST :

Chris, Seattle, WA (Washington Huskies Homer, Statistician): Wow. Starting off civil, eh? Just last week, you’re telling me that 90’s didn’t matter; now I’m getting a Kenny Wheaton video. In case you forgot, that pick was 2 years after UW’s National Championship. I’ll fully admit that the 00’s belonged to the Quackers, with exceptions in 2002 and 2003, we couldn’t hang with Oregon’s dirty money raised off the backs of abused Indonesian child laborers that paid for players like LaMichael James and Lache Seastrunk. Then, a few key things happened:

1)       Your coach left in the middle of the night without saying goodbye because he was afraid of the skeletons in the closet

2)       The Huskies got experience playing ranked opponents – Boise State, Illinois, Stanford – and should be more than happy to play the Ducks at home, where they won’t be robbed on 4th down

3)       DeAnthony Thomas’ ankle injury means that Bishop Sankey will be the best running back in the game

The Ducks are the ultimate high maintenance girlfriend- spending more time on their 384 game-day jersey choices, than on closing out in big games (read: Stanford, Auburn, etc) and you’re forgetting that Washington made it legal to burn green things that get smoked in bowls. Just have a gander at this list of immortal football talent produced by EuStoned, Oregon…

Where are they now? – Darren Thomas

Thomas signed with the Lincoln Haymakers of the Champions Professional Indoor Football League for the 2014 season.

Where are they now? – Onterrio Smith

Smith signed with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League on May 12, 2006.He reported to training camp 20 pounds over his playing weight, and he suffered a foot injury on the first day of practice, which prevented him from participating until near the end of training camp. He was released on June 11, 2006. On April 3, 2007, the Minnesota Star Tribune reported that Smith had applied for reinstatement to the NFL after a two-year suspension, but he has not played in the league again.

Where are they now? – Joey Harrington

Harrington and his family moved back to Portland after his release from the Saints in September 2009. He is spending more time with his wife, Emily, and son, Jack, and the numerous charities in which he is involved. On July 31, 2011, Harrington was struck by an SUV while riding his bicycle in Portland, Oregon. Harrington suffered a broken collarbone and a punctured lung due to the accident.

Where are they now? – Dennis Dixon

Dixon signed a two-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles on February 14, 2013. The move reunited him with new head coach Chip Kelly, who was the offensive coordinator at Oregon during Dixon’s senior year in 2007. Dixon was released during final cuts on August 30 as the Eagles went with three quarterbacks for 2013: starter Michael Vick, back-up Nick Foles, and rookie Matt Barkley. He later tried out with the Bills, but was not given a return phone call.

Where are they now? – Akili Smith

In 2007, Smith signed a two-year contract with the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League, where he was expected to compete for the starting quarterback position with another former NFL player, Henry Burris. After an unimpressive showing against the Roughriders on October 8, 2007, going 4-of-12, for 37 yards, along with the impending return of a healthy Henry Burris, the Stampeders released Smith on October 10, 2007. After retiring from football, Smith was the quarterbacks coach for Grossmont College. Smith is a deacon at a Missionary Baptist church and plays football for “God’s House”, a flag football team. In March 2010 Smith joined the University of California’s football staff as a graduate assistant to work with the offense. Cal head coach Jeff Tedford previously coached Smith at Oregon when he was offensive coordinator. In 2012, Smith took over as quarterbacks coach for St. Augustine High School in San Diego.


10/9/2013 8:03 AM PST:

Phil Sweet, Portland, OR (Oregon Duck Honk, CFB Analyst): First of all, it takes a lot of valor to hand pick a few players that didn’t pan out in the NFL. Everyone knows that every Washington star pans out in the NFL, and leads a humblefamily-oriented life. If we want to talk about the subject of NFL talent, just click here, and here.

To set the record straight, Washington has a total of 0.5 national championships, as they split it with Miami in 1991.  Does anyone really believe that the 1991 Huskies were better than the 1991 Miami Hurricanes, based on what a poll said? I don’t think so. That’s like saying, based on a poll, that Creed is a better rock band than Metallica.  Or that Miley Cyrus is hotter than Adriana Lima. Or that WWII France was more of a world power than the United States of America. Hey, they “won” the war, but we all know how they got there. It’s just common sense.

Come to think of it, Washington is the France of today’s college football.  They are arrogant, posses an undeserved sense of entitlement, and never fail to cower in the face of adversity (0-9, by 17 points or more). The only difference now is that this is World War 3, and ‘Merica isn’t here to aid the French. ‘Merica is here to obliterate their smelly, beret wearing, Angela Davis mustache havin’ asses off the face of the holy soil we call Planet Earth.


UW should be on its hands and knees, thanking Oregon for providing them with their FIRST EVER ESPN College Gameday appearance.  Oregon has had so many Gameday appearances in the last decade, both home and away, I’ve lost count. We all know why Gameday is in Seattle, and it sure-as-shit isn’t to see the Huskies.  It’s to see America’s team, the Fighting Oregon Ducks. Powered by a high-octane blur offense, and dressed to the nines, the Ducks have captured the imagination of the American public. Their play is a blend of art and science, woven together by pure heart and passion. They are a microcosm of the American Dream, and have gripped the hearts of both blue and white-collar American’s alike.

De’Anthony Thomas may not be at full health. Colt Lyerla quit the team. Our legendary coach left for the NFL. These are all facts. But there is a saying at Oregon: “Next Man In.” It means that the machine is bigger than any one man. Every part plays a key role, but when a part goes down for repairs, is decommissioned or rendered obsolete, the next part is ready to step in. Byron Marshall and Thomas Tyner have stepped in seamlessly for DAT. Johnny Mundt is twice as productive as Colt Lyerla. Mark Helfrich has shown great stability and leadership, and is on his way to establishing his own legend. There is no slowing down this freight train of a program, as it barrels through the countryside at MACH 3, smashing any helpless bystanders that dare cross its path.




10/9/13 3:57 PM PST:


Chris, Seattle, WA (Washington Huskies Homer, Statistician): For those of you that don’t know, College GameDay started in 1987, but wasn’t even “Live” until 1993. From 1993 until 2004, GameDay had only two regular season games on the entire West Coast (1998 at UCLA and 2000 at Oregon). So basically, my colleague here is belittling UW for not supporting a network show with noted and admitted East Coast bias. Actually, this makes sense since the University of Oregon program has been sucking at the tit of the East Coast since the days of Joey Heismanton – I mean come on, you guys put Keenan Howry on a billboard? GameDay isn’t even the highest rated college football game on Saturday – that belongs to Saturday Night Football, which doubles Gameday viewership. Frankly, I don’t think any fan of UW cares about the GameDay snub, since that’s a WSU show anyway and what kind of show misses out on featuring the greatest college team of all-time?

Speaking of the greatest college team of all-time, how can you – with a straight face – say that the 1991 UW team wasn’t the national champion? Coaches voted, they settled, and UW rose victorious over a storied program that was artificially propped up by drugs, under-the-table payments, and a myriad of other scandals, which sounds pretty familiar. Even worse for your point, they beat Miami in Miami two years later. “Word got out among the Huskies that UM Coach Dennis Erickson had jokingly suggested the losers of this game relinquish their national championship rings, won in 1991 when both teams finished undefeated.” After the game, UW Safety Lawyer Milloy put his stamp on the 38-20 ass-kicking by saying “Take the rings back!” If UW is the Miley Cyrus of College football, Oregon is the Kim Kardashian – incredibly wealthy, great for readership in magazines, but at the end of the day you’re only famous because you got some work done and you banged the right guy.

As for actual analysis about the game itself – because that’s really why we’re here – UW needs to follow the same blueprint of every underdog:

  1. Stay Connected – For every quick drive Oregon puts together, UW needs to grind out a 11 minute, 15 play drive to gain back the momentum
  2. Own the line – The UW defensive line has been good, which is an upgrade from terrible in previous years, but they’ll have to be great to beat UO
  3. Limit the penalties on offense – UW had no problem moving the ball against a very stout Stanford defense, but they shot themselves in the foot a few too many times with delay of game, false start and holding penalites

If the Huskies can put pressure on Mariota and the rest of the Ducks late in the game, they have a history of cracking that will rear its ugly head one more time and UW will escape the Dawg Pound with a statement win. 42-38 Huskies.


10/10/13 4:47 PM PST

Phil Sweet, Portland, OR (Oregon Duck Honk, CFB Analyst):

Win the decade


Last UW Victory

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      until you win a national championship you are nothing

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        You mean 0.5 National championships?

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    The question of what former college players are doing in the NFL (or wherever) is irrelevant. Who cares? Aside from them leaving college early or tanking because they don’t care (Clowney/Lyerla), what past players do when they’re not on the field anymore has zero impact on the current team.